Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Q.How much do the DVDs cost?

    A.Each DVD is only $24.99. You can purchase both DVDs at the reduced price of $48 US Dollars. Click here to add the DVDs to your cart.

  • Q.How much is shipping and handling?

    A.It depends on the location of the shipment. Typically, shipping and handling costs range between $6.00 and $11.00 within the continental United States. For oversees shipments, the cost is anywhere between $11.00 to $14.00. We also offer expedited shipping options that are more expensive, but guarantee a faster delivery time to your location. You can view these options when ordering the DVDs.

  • Q.Do the DVDs play on all DVD players worldwide?

    A.Yes. There is no restriction on what player you can use to view our Greek dance DVDs. They work everywhere. This includes computer DVD players and regular DVD players.

  • Q.How does your 90-day, 100% Money Back Guarantee work?

    A.It’s rather simple. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with our Greek dancing DVDs, you have a full 90 days to simply send them back to us at NO cost to you. We will refund 100% of the price of the DVDs and the shipping cost via PayPal.

  • Q.I have no prior dancing experience. Can I learn the Greek dances by watching your DVDs?

    A.Absolutely! Many people all over the world have commented on how easy it was to learn the Greek dances just by following our instruction. You simply need to dedicate the time. Our DVDs will do the rest.

  • Q.What if the DVDs I order arrive damaged or scratched?

    A.No problem! We will replace them FREE of charge. Simply, send us an email and tell us about the problem. We will take care of it immediately.

  • Q.What dances do you cover on the DVDs?

    A.Volume 1 teaches you the Kalamatiano, Tsamiko and Syrto (Nisiotiko). Volume 2 teaches you the Hasapiko, Hasaposerviko and the Zeimbekiko (solo dance). These are the most popular Greek dances that one encounters in weddings, picnics, baptisms and other Greek related events.

  • Q.What language is the instruction in?

    A.The DVDs contain the same instruction in both English and in Greek.

  • Q.How can I pay for the DVDs?

    A.We use PayPal as our online merchant. PayPal is fast and secure. You don’t even need to have a PayPal account. All major credit cards are accepted.

  • Q.What if I don’t want to order online? Can I contact you directly?

    A.Yes. Send us an email at: and let us know how you want to proceed. We can even handle your transaction over the phone.

  • Q.When I purchase the DVDs, do I also get unlimited access to the instructors?

    A.Yes. We are here to answer all your questions! All you have to do is send us an email with your question and we will respond in a timely manner.

  • Q.I have more questions. How can I reach you?

    A.Send us an email at,

  • Q.Do you sell or market any other Greek related products?

    A.Harry G. (one of the instructors) also has an excellent tutorial on learning to play the Greek bouzouki. His “Learning Bouzouki” DVD course can be found here:

  • Q.How do I get access to the online videos?

    A.This is still under development.  Soon, you will be able to log into our site and view the videos directly online.