Learn the Greek dances by following along ...

We show you how to dance the popular Greek dances in a matter of hours.  No prior experience required.  Instruction in both English and Greek. Watch the video below to see how easy it is.

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  • Learn the popular Greek dances at your own pace.
  • No prior dancing experience is required on your part.
  • Instruction is provided in English and in Greek.
  • Choose between online videos (coming soon) or DVD's.
  • Instructors have years of Greek dancing experience.
  • We offer a 90-day money back guarantee.
  • Perfect for weddings, picnics and other Greek events.

Here is what others have to say about our Greek dance lessons

I am a ballroom dancer and belly dancer, as well as a Greek American, and wanted to make sure that we were doing the steps of the major dances correctly for the wedding!

Ohio, United States

Our eldest son is getting married to a Greek Cypriot this August in London.  We have been warned to expect lots of Greek dancing and as parents of the groom my son wants us to have mastered the rudiments. We think your discs look just like the ticket!

Bill Stirling
United Kingdom

Thanks so much for your prompt response! I love that song, "Politiko Hasapiko!" and I love your dance DVD's. I can't tell you how many years I've been looking for someone to teach me Hasapiko. The method, where we can see you from behind, is of course perfect to follow along with. I also love the song, "Fragosyriani", but I like "Hasapiko Politiko", more!

Illinois, United States

The package arrived today! Thank you for expediting the shipment! I'm looking forward to watching my fiancee learn to Greek dance from your DVD's!

Ontrario, Canada

I'm getting married next week and hadn't realized until very recently just how poor my Greek dancing skills have become! Been a long time since those elementary school lessons. Thanks!

New York, United States

I am happy to say that the DVDs arrived yesterday and they are very useful and very clear. Wonderful job!


I ordered the DVD as a birthday present to our daughter who lives in California, and I'm looking forward to her call that she got it.  I wish I had found your website earlier!

California, United States

I'm awaiting my discs with great excitement!

Istanbul, Turkey

I have learned the first dance (Kalamatiano) so far in Volume 1. I really like this type of dancing!

New Mexico, United States

I would like to purchase 'Now You Can Dance - Greek, Volume 1.' I am getting married in 4 weeks to a Greek and need to learn the main dances. Are you able to do fast shipping to Greece?


My dad and stepmom are Greek. I was at a Greek wedding about a year ago and dance a bit but overall I have very little experience. My fiancee doesn't have any Greek dance experience. We just wanted to learn enough that we can get out on the floor at our wedding.

Illinois, United States

I want to order the DVDs for my friend now. Her wedding is in June and it is just about time to give it to her. Could you let me know which one you think will be one she just might be using?

Illinois, United States

Our 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you don’t like the Greek dancing DVD’s, simply send them back to us.  No questions asked! That’s how confident we are that our lessons will provide you with exactly what you need in order to be the life of the party at your next Greek celebration!  We will even refund all the shipping and handling costs! No re-stocking fees or penalties.  Why are we making such a bold guarantee?  Because, we truly believe in our method and in the quality of our instruction and we believe you will feel the same way when you try our course. – Harry G. and Alex K.

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What do the Greek dance lessons cover?

Volume 1 teaches you the Kalamatiano, Tsamiko and Syrto (Nisiotiko). Volume 2 teaches you the Hasapiko, Hasaposerviko and the Zeimbekiko (solo dance). These are the most popular Greek dances that one encounters in weddings, picnics, baptisms and other Greek related events.

Who typically purchases the Greek dancing lessons course?

People who want to learn how to dance Greek. Specific examples include: Brides and grooms that are looking to have a Greek wedding. Typically, these Greek dancing DVDs are given as gifts to the wedding/bridal party so that they can all learn the same dances and know all the important steps.

Parents who want their children to learn the basic Greek dances.

Godparents who gift the Greek dancing lessons DVDs to their godchildren.

Grand parents and other relatives who purchase the DVDs as gifts for their family members.

Greek folk dance and Greek culture enthusiasts. These are people who have fallen in love with Greek culture and want to learn more about the specific dances and the Greek traditions.

People who want to dance the Hasapiko like Zorba the Greek.

Families that vacation in Greece. One always encounters some kind of celebration or picnic on one of the islands or mainland Greece. It’s a lot of fun when you can simply step into the dance circle and dance with the locals.

Individuals who want to learn Greek dancing in the privacy of their own homes.

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